Navratri Vrat Recipes

On the auspicious days of Navratri, people observe fast in Navratri and go with a special diet for Navratri festival. The people who keep fast till nine days, they eat only one time generally at the evening. Devotees can eat fruits, milk, curd, potato, nuts, sweets and root vegetables or some specials cuisines that are made at home during the festival. Navratri recipes which are made at home are the best for fast and also good for health of the people. During navratri who observe fasting should abstain from the dishes which are made of pure salt or any other kind of spices, some people use rock salt (sendha namak) in their meal. People even don't take onion and garlic due to their foul smell. Non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly avoided by the people who observe fasting.

For Navratri vrat, a variety of recipes are made by the people and these recipes can be different from region to region. In order to prepare delicious dishes, people can use some specific vegetables, ingredients and spices like red chilies, cumin seeds, turmeric and rock salt etc.

Recipes for Navratri Fast:

There is a long list of Navratri vrat recipes which can be prepared and served during Navratri. People can eat variety of vrat food during navratri like lauki ka halwa, kuttu ke pakore and saboodana khichadi etc. Each dish has a different taste and famous in a specific region. Here is the list of best Navratri recipes for fast which are easy and you can try at home.

Navratri Food Recipes

How to Prepare Foods for Navratri Fast (Navratri Recipes Information)

During Navratri Festival, people have to avoid a lot of things in their meal. It become a huge problem for lot of people, who want to taste some good food during navaratri fast also. Below we are sharing some recipes to prepare delicious food, which are easy and you can also try at your home.

Navratri vrat recipes are very easy to prepare, anyone can try it at their home. It will take hardly 15 to 20 minutes to prepare these navratri recipes.

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