Other than 9 Goddess, Worship 10 more Goddess during Gupt Navratri to get Mahavidyas

June 26, 2018 -

According to mythology, Gupt navratri pooja is performed like other Navratris in which devotees should worship nine goddess of Navratri during nine days. Devotees need to do “Ghatsthapana” on the first day of Navratri and have to worship Maa Shailputri. On the rest days of Gupt navratri devotees worship the incarnations of Goddess Durga daily in the morning and evening. During these nine days, people should visit temples, sing Aartis & hymns and recite mantras to please the nine Goddess and get the blessings. On the eighth or ninth day devotees do Kanyak Puja and after that break their fast.

Worship 10 Goddess during Navratri to get Mahavidya:

During Gupt Navratri, devotees worship nine incarnations of goddess Durga. Apart from these nine Swaroops, many devotees worship ten forms of Goddess Kali Maa to get Mahavidyas. The ten names of these goddess are Maa Kali, Maa Tara Devi, Maa Tripura Sundari (Shodashi Devi), Maa Bhuvneshwari, Maa Chinnamasta, Maa Tripur Bhairavi, Maa Dhumavati, Mata Baglamukhi, Maa Matangi and Maa Kamala Devi. Below we have mentioned mantras to recite and please ten Goddess.

Kali Maa

Among the ten Mahavidyas of tantra, Mahakali is the most superior Goddess. She blessed her devotees with Ashtsiddhis, Prosperity and fullfills all the desires who worship with great devotion.

Namah Aam Aam Krom Krom Phat Swaha Kaali Kaalike Hoom

Maa Tara Devi
2- Maa Tara Devi - The Compassionate Goddess

Goddess Tara blessed the devotees with power of speech and inclination. She is worshipped for getting success in business and fame. She is one of the goddess of fifty-one Shakti Peethas.

Ayeim Hreem Shreem Kleem Souh Hoom Ugra Taare phat

Maa Tripura Sundari
3- Maa Tripura Sundari (Shodashi Devi) - The Goddess who is 16 years old

Goddess Tripur Sundari is seated on lotus flower, which is placed on the body of lord Shiva. She has four hands and three eyes and weapons in her hands. She is posing in all sixteen supernatural powers that’s why she is also known as Goddess Shodashi.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Sri Lalita Tripurasundari Padukam Poojayami Namah
Bhuvenashwari Maa
4- Maa Bhuvneshwari - The Goddess as World Mother

Goddess Bhuvneshwari rules the world and blessed the devotees with success, who worshipped her with huge devotion. According to mythology, it is said that lord Rama has worshipped Goddess Bhuvneshwari before defeating demon Ravana.

Om Hrim Shreem Kleem Bhuvaneshrayah Namah
Chinnamasta Maa
5- Maa Chinnamasta - The Goddess who cuts off her own Head

Goddess Chinnamasta has two companions, which represent two qualities Tara and Raja. She is holding her head and drinking her blood. Although her head is severed from body but she is still alive.

Shreem Hreem Klim Aim Vajravarochiniyee Hoom Hoom Phat Swaha

Bhairavi Maa
6- Maa Tripura Bhairavi - The Fierce Warrior Goddess

Maa Tripura Bhairavi is also called by the name Goddess Kala Bhairavi. The complexion of Maa Tripura Bhairavi Maa is red and wearing a garland of heads in her neck. She blessed the devotees with knowledge and courage.

Om Bhairavi Saham

Maa Dhumavati
7- Maa Dhumavati - The Goddess of Death

Dhumavati is known as the eternal widow, the Shakti without the lord Shiva. Dhumavati is also known as Alkashmi, the one who is without Lakshmi. The Goddess Dhumavati protects devotees from all black magic.

Om Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati Phat Swaha
Dhoom Dhoom Dhoomavati Thah Thah
Bagalamukhi Maa
8- Mata Baglamukhi - The Goddess who seizes the Tongue

Maa Baglamukhi is also called by the name Pitambara Vidya. She protect the devotees with enemies and defeat their enemies.

Om Hreem Baglaamukhi Sarva Dushtaanaam Vaacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jihvaam Keelay Buddhim Vinaashay Hreem Om Phat
Goddess Matangi
9- Maa Matangi - The Goddess who loves Pollution

According to mythology, lord Shiva is known as “Matang” and his Shakti is call “Matangi”. She has dark complexion and a moon on her forehead. She has three eyes and four hands holding the weapons.

Om Hreem Aim Shreem Namo Bhagavati Ucchisthachandali Sri Matangeswari Sarvagyanavashamkari Swaha
Kamala Maa
10- Maa Kamala Devi - The Lotus Goddess

Mata Kamala is the most powerful goddess among ten goddess. Devotees worship her to get rid of misfortune and poor condition.

Shreem Kleem Shreem Namah
Om Ayeim Shreem Hreem Kamalvaasinyei Namah.