Holika Dahan 2017

Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi or Holi Puja is performed at the evening a day before to the Holi festival in India, which is considered an important puja for Hindu communities. Holika Dahan is a very old tradition, which is celebrated all around the country with great enthusiasm and happiness. Holi festival gets its name “Holi”, from the death of Holika, who was the sister of Hiranyakashyap a brutal demon king. Holika Dahan is celebrated by burning Holika effigy, which was put on the top of the pyre. The day before to main Holi is also called “Chhoti Holi” or “Small Holi” or “Holika Deepak”. Holi festival is celebrated in the month of Falgun, which is the time of ending winter and starting summer season.

Holika Dahan 2017 Date / Chhoti Holi 2017 Date:

It is believed that the Holi puja should be done at the right muhurat because performing Holika Dahan puja at wrong time would bring misfortune and suffering in life. We have mentioned the Holi puja muhurat time below. One should also consult Hindu Panchang in order to know the appropriate time of Holika Dahan or visit to any nearby temple. Generally Holika Dahan date lies between mid-February to March month.

Holika Dahan Date: March 11, 2017 (Saturday)
Chhoti Holi Date: March 11, 2017 (Saturday)

The Exact and Sacred Time for Holika Dahan is...
Duration = 2 Hours 21 Mins
Bhadra Punchha = 17:41 to 18:53
Bhadra Mukha = 18:53 to 20:53

Holi Puja or Holika Dahan takes place in the evening before the main day of Holi festival. After the Holika Dahan night, next day main celebrations of Holi start then people start playing holi with colors and Gulal. Small Boys and Girl use the watergun and water balloons for enjoying holi.

Rangwali Holi Date: March 12, 2017
Purnima Tithi Begins = 09:53 on 11 March, 2017
Purnima Tithi Ends = 10:53 on 12 March, 2017

Items Required for Holi Puja / Holika Dahan:

Before starting Holi puja/Holika Dahan puja, one should arrange all the puja items. In the Holika Dahan items list, all the things can be arranged in few hours but there is one thing i.e. “Garland made of Cow dung” that need time if you are making it at home. Below mentioned items are required for Holika Dahan.

A Diya filled with ghee
Sweets (Gujia)
Akshat (Raw Rice)
Moong Lentil
Few Dry Turmeric Pieces
Raw Yarn
Garland made of cow dung
Grains Barley
A small Water Pot

Holi Puja Vidhi or Holika Dahan Steps:

Holika Dahan preparation starts before fifteen-twenty days ago of Holi festival. People start gathering wooden logs, waste materials like broken furniture and cloths from home, branches of tree, dried leaves etc for Holi bonfire in a prominent public place, parks, community centers and near temples. Gradually it becomes a big heap of before the Holika Dahan.

The carved Holika is kept at a sacred place which is rinsed with holy water of Ganges and cow dung. A wooden pole is designed at the center and then adorned with garlands, beads, and several cow dung toys also known as Bharbholiye, Gulari or Badkula. A Holika idol is made out of cow dung as well a coconut plays the role of Prahlad. At the time of Holika Dahan, Holika is burnt in fire while Prahlad is taken out. Do not forget to keep the four beads of cow dung before the bonfire. While one is to be kept in the name of ancestors, the other in the name of Lord Hanuman, third for Goddess Sheetala and the fourth one in the name of family. If you are searching for Puja vidhi, let’s understand it from the below-mentioned points:

Holi Puja Vidhi Steps -

- Keep all the puja ingredients and a water pot in the plate also termed as ‘Puja thali’. Sit down at the venue facing the north or east. Sprinkle some water in the plate while chanting the mantras three times.

- Take flower, rice, water, and money in your right hand and take sankalp.

- Worship Lord Ganesha by taking rice and flower in your right hand.

- Worship Goddess Ambika by applying rice and roli on a flower and offer it to the Goddess.

- Worship Lord Narasimha by applying rice and roli on a flower and offer him.

- Remember Prahlad and worship him by applying roli and rice on a flower.

- Stand up and pray to the almighty for the health and prosperity of your fellow family members.

- Offer the puja ingredients such as unbreakable moong, flower, rice, coconut, turmeric pieces, and Bharbholiye to Holika. Tie three, five or seven rounds of yarn around Holika before setting it to fire.

- Holika is burnt in the blazing fire. People tie roli in their hands and seek blessings from elders.