Gupt Navratri 2020: Tips to get Money and Success during Gupt Navratri

Gupt Navratri is started from June 22, 2020. During this people worship nine incarnations of goddess Durga during 9 days of navratri. Other than this, people who want to get Mahavidya worship ten others goddess. According to mythology, the time of Gupt Navratri is considered very auspicious. If people do any work during this time, they will get success in it.

If there is any trouble in your life then by doing some specific tasks, you can get rid of that problem. Here are the tips, which you should try.

Tips to get Success during Gupt Navratri:

After taking bathe in the morning, put the red cloth on a chowki at home. Then put eleven Gomti Chakra and three small coconuts on it. Then with the help of Rudraksh garland counts, recite this mantra -

“ऐं क्लीं श्रीं”

You need to recite this mantra eleven garland times. After that tie the red cloth, make it like a “Potli” and hang it on a high place of your shop or office.

Fill the rice into Dakshinavarti Shankh (Conch) and tied this shank with the red cloth. With the help of priest, worship this shankh & make it pure and put on the worship area. During the worship of shankh, recite this mantra –

“ॐ ऐं सर्वकार्यसिद्धि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा”

By performing these tips, one can get the success in their business. Ashadh Gupt Navratri last day will be celebrated on 21 July, 2018 so try these tips as soon as possible and kill your worries. Goddess will give you peace of mind, success in your business and happiness in your life.

Jai Mata Di !!